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Shopify Enhancement : Insignia Lite

Shopify Enhancement: Insignia Lite

To set up Insignia Lite:

Prepare data in Shopify:

To create your emblems in Shopify, you need to add New Products. You will set up the price and media(image) of the product like normal, then you will go add the following tags to the product - wholesale:4(any price) and  repspark_emblem. These tags will only allow the emblem to populate when adding the emblem in the Cart and not sync over with the remaining Products.

Admin Setup in Admin Panel

As an Admin, you will be able to setup Insignia Lite in the Admin Panel. You will see Insignia Setup on the left hand side which is where you will be able to select the settings for this feature on your site.

The first tile shows the following: 

    - which Role(s) are allowed to provide insignia notes when adding emblems

    - which Role(s) are allowed to upload image files

    - designated email address(es) to receive insignia submission notification emails. This is helpful for your embroidery team to be aware of upcoming insignia orders.

    - ability to change the Insignia Price  per unit without updating Shopify's price.

The second tile shows the following: which placement options you want to enable, which finish type options to have, and what color choices to use.

NOTE: Insignia is all or nothing. When you turn it on, it will allow you to add emblems to all of your products. If you only select placements for Tops like Left Sleeve in the screen above, you would be able to add that placement on a Hat and select Left Sleeve placement.

Also, the representative will receive all email notifications regarding insignia orders and notes written will also be provided.

Placing an Insignia Order

Select ADD EMBLEM+ while in the CART

Select and Add your Emblem

Select and Add your Placement

Select and Add your Finish

Select and Add your Color

If your Role was selected to add Notes and Upload Files, you then will be able to Add them during the last two steps.

You then will see your Product and Emblem broken down with the amount of units and dollar amount for your order.

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