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New Review Page & Checkout Workflow

We are excited to announce a few changes to the Review page and Checkout Process.  

Please feel free to watch the video reviewing these changes.

1.  The totals for dollars, units, and amount saved is now at the top of the page and will be sticky as the user scrolls to see the order details.  This will allow the user to checkout at any time without scrolling to the bottom of the page.  Any error notification will also remain sticky to the checkout line.

2.  The address is in a lighter shade of grey for a better visual experience.

3.  The actions including email, export to excel, export to PDF and get UPC cods are now tucked into an actions box.

4.  If you allow users to pay with terms only, the user will be taken to a final checkout page where they are review total units, dollars, upcharges and savings.  **New:  You can also add custom terminology here on the checkout.  Please contact professional services ( if this is something you are interested in.  The final step is to click process order.

5.  Please note, on the final step of checkout, the header can be expanded by clicking on the toggle at the top if additional details need to be reviewed.

6.  Process Order: The final step is to process the order.  The user will be taken to a final Thank You confirmation page.  The Process Order submission UI has been changed as well to facilitate easier next steps.  Users can also print their order confirmation from this page. 


1.  If you have added the functionality to pay with credit card, the user will be asked what type of payment they want to use upon clicking checkout.  If they have the option to pay with different payment types, they will choose that type and move forward.  If they do not have an option (must pay by credit card or must pay by terms), they will be taken to the final page to check out without being asked to make a decision on how to pay.  This will replace the toggle and make it more obvious to the user the workflow they are moving into.

2.  If terms checkout is required for the account, they will follow the steps above.  If they choose to pay with terms, they will follow the steps above.

3.  If the user or customer selected is required to pay with credit card or chooses to pay with credit card, they will move to a Process Order screen with the credit card for embedded on it.

-- Credit Cards are NOT captured or charged at the time of checkout. 
-- In RepSpark, only Authorizations are obtained at the time of order submission.  
-- The Stripe account owner must process that authorization through the Stripe dashboard.  
-- Authorizations are only valid for 7 days from the initial time of order placement. 

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