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Events: Enabling Live Inventory for an Event

Currently with your Events, you can select which sizes are available, and with an enhancement, you can pre-assign the quantity for your sizes in the Event Manager page. Both of these options were manual and needs monitoring to make sure inventory was accurate for your events.

Now we have added a box you can enable to sync your LIVE inventory into your Events. By selecting this box, the limitations of units available for the Event is directly connected to your actual At Once inventory on your site.

Please watch this video that walks you through this new Events feature.


What to know when you add Live Inventory with Events:

  • If the Size is not selected or has 0 units based on the Start Date you assigned to the Event, that Size/Product will not show up when placing an order within the Event.
  • Once an Order is placed as a Draft or Submitted within the Event, those units are decremented on the Product's Page on the Site.
  • If an Event Draft Order is deleted, those units will not automatically show up on the Product's Page. Once an inventory sync has ran/updated, then the units will reappear on the Product's Page.

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