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Event & Insignia upcharge: Adding logos to the product level for an event order.

Event & Insignia Update: 

Choose a logo and placement, color and logo information that should be used in the event when an admin is setting up the event.  This does not support multi logo adding .  This is done at the product level.  This is a Pro Serve Upcharge.

Please click HERE to see a video demonstration of this updated feature. You will already need to have Insignia.

-New Insignia Feature- Free Upgrade:

You are able to select if Products with insignia will be enforced and the customer does not have the option to choose yes or no for insignia. By selecting Enforce Logo selection on Products, Customers will be informed that the product comes with a logo.

When selecting a unit, the logo information is automatically populated for the Product.

Please note: this is only available if you've already upgraded to the Logo Management feature

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