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Getting Started with RepSpark Pay


RepSpark Pay is the ecosystem of ways that brands can get paid on RepSpark. It consists of: 

  • Checkout Payments 
  • Microsite Payments 
  • Invoice Payments 

This guide will go through the steps for how to set up your account with RepSpark Pay and what each payment setting corresponds to. 

Connecting your Stripe account 

In the Admin Panel, click on the Payments and Checkout Tab, click the Connect My Stripe Account button and it will direct you to a Stripe page to connect your Stripe account. 

Once connected, it should show a green checkbox indicating that your Stripe account is successfully connected. 

Payment settings & what they do  

Payments for microsites 

Enable this setting if you want to enable Microsite Payments, which allows customers to pay for their microsite orders in the checkout page on a microsite. 

Payments for wholesale orders 

Enable this setting if you want to enable Checkout Payments, which allows for buyers to pay for At-Once orders during the order submission process on RepSpark. 

For Checkout Payments, you have the option of either collecting and authorizing their payment information to capture later, or to capture the payment for the transaction immediately. 

  • Authorize only: This setting will only authorize the payment, but not capture it. The transaction would need to be captured through Stripe or via API.

  • Process Transaction: This setting will authorize and capture the payment immediately when the order is submitted on RepSpark. 

Payments for invoices 

Enable this setting if you want to enable Invoice Payments, which allows for buyers to pay for a completed order. Learn more about how to enable Invoice Payments here.

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