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Approving a New User (Admin)

Approving a New User (Admin)

When a new user creates an account, you will receive an email notification that a new account has requested access.

First, Go to the Admin tab in RepSpark and click on “Manage Users”.

Next, type the username into the UserName field on the left-hand side and click apply. When you find the user, click on the notepad icon to edit their information. 

First, scroll down to the Profiles section and fill out the Profile information such as Company, Div, Season, etc if you have those fields. You can also add additional profiles by clicking the “Add New Profile” icon. This is where you will lock a Salesperson to their rep code or a B2B customer to their rep code and account # under the SoldTo field. 


Sales Reps: Sales reps will have the role of SalesPerson and OrderEntry. This will lock the Rep to only have access to accounts that are assigned to their rep code. (Their profile must also be tied to their rep code.)

B2B Customers: B2B customers will have the role of Customer and OrderEntry. This role will lock the account to only have access to the account. (Their profile must also be tied to their rep code and account #.)

Managers/Customer Service: Managers and Customer Service Reps will have the role of Manger or Customer Service Rep and OrderEntry. Managers and Customer Service will have access to all reps and all account information unless they are tied to a rep in their profile. 

Admin- Admins will have the role of Administrator and OrderEntry. Admins will have access to manage users, add documents to the Docs and Marketing tabs and well as running syncs, checking images and flushing the site cache. 

Lastly, Click on the Approved check box to approve their account. 

Once you have approved the account, the user will receive a confirmation email. 

RepSpark Notification - Account Activated

Your RepSpark account,, at Gotcha has been activated. You can access your account at

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