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Managing Users - Track where your users Registered or Requested Access

In the Manage Users tab, you will be able to have access to view the Source of where a user had been added to your Site. There are two new columns that will generate tracking information: User Registration Source and Brand Access Source

We have added a tool tip when hovering over the columns to inform you the columns definition. 

User Registration Source 

Brand Access Source

You will be able to use these two columns to help you know where the user was created and where the user requested access to your site.

Public registration is when the User is already with RepSpark or registered on their own. Direct access source is when the user reached out directly to the Brand site.

Admin Invitation registration is when the Admin sends an invite to the User. Admin access source is when the Admin provides access to the Brand site.

Community registration and access source is when the User is utilizing Community to requesting access to the Brand and to join RepSpark.

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