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Creating an Assortment with Embroidery

How to Create an Assortment with Embroidery

  • To create an Assortment with Embroidery for an existing order, go the the My Orders tab at the top of the page. Click on the RSK order drop down and select and highlight Create Catalog. 

  • If you would like to create an Assortment with Embroidery from an Assortment, click on the Assortment tab at the top of the page. Next, click on the three dot icons on the assortment you want to add the embroidery to and highlight and select Create Catalog. 

  • From there, you will first be selecting your Cover Page Layout as well as the Layout Content. 

  • To exclude a Cover Page, un-check the Enable Cover Page check box and click Continue. 

  • This will take you into the catalog. All of the images from your assortment will be auto-populated. To drag Emblems onto the product, you will need to create a Canvas Page. To create a canvas page, click the Add New Page icon. If you do not want products pages in your Catalog , delete the pages by clicking the Delete Page icon. 

  • To select the embroidery you would like to add to your products, click on the Product icon at the bottom of the page. From there, select the Emblems icon. Search for emblems by customer number or customer name by typing the number or name into the text field. Select the magnify icon to search. Once the customer name appears highlight and select that customer. You will now see the emblems that are associated to that customer. 

  • Drag and drop the emblem you would like to use onto the Canvas. If you are adding this emblem to multiple products, make sure to drag and drop the amount of logos you will be using. 

  • From there, click on the products tray by clicking the Products icon at the bottom of the page. The products tray will automatically show all of the styles that are on your order or assortment. Drag and drop the product onto the canvas page.

  • Once the Embroidery and products are on the canvas page, you can resize the product image and embroidery. Since the embroidery will be small on the product, you can always include a large size of what the image looks like at the bottom of the canvas. 

  • Click the Share icon to email this to an email address or click the download icon to download this PDF catalog to your computer. 

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