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Running Manual Syncs

Running Manual Syncs

Based on your integration, you may be able to run manual syncs to sync data. If you have an API or GIM integration, you can sync the data anytime needed. 

Asset-Full- This will sync any new product images that have been dropped to the FTP.

Customer Sync- Run this for any store updates, new addresses, new sales reps or insignia if you have insignia.

Inventory Sync- Any updates to the seasons, dates or availability.

InvoiceReport- All reporting data for invoices and tracking information.

Option- Run this for any updates to sales reps, colors, shipping information, terms information, and anything that we have a key code and description for. 

Order- Any order updates or order modifications.

Order Confirmation- This is the order confirmation you send to RepSpark to advise you have received the data.

Order Report- Reporting data for orders including status updates and order modifications.

Product- Product updates including season changes, color changes, descriptions, new products, etc.

Season- Any new seasons that are added. 

Sizing- Any updates to size scales. 

UPC- Any updates to the UPC codes. 

First, select the data entity you would like to sync in the drop down menu. From there, click Run Sync. 

*Tip- Don't edit the field that auto-populates Full or Delta. This will automatically be set to how it would be run. 

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