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Creating a Quick Automated Digital Catalog

Creating a Default Catalog

  • Go to the Assortments tab at the top of the page.

  • Click on the three dots menu drop down and highlight and select Create Catalog.  


  • This will take you to the settings page. The project name will automatically default to the name of your assortment. You can add in header text that will appear in the top-left corner of each page or leave that blank. You can also choose the font and font size. You can include the Page Number, logo and Footer text, but to keep it simple, just un-check those check boxes. Lastly, select you page orientation and click Continue. 

  • Next, to create a quick catalog, un-check the Enable Cover Page and click Continue.

  • From there, you are going to select your settings. To create a quick Catalog, use the 3X3 Medium Text Layout, click the check boxes for the details you would like to display for each product and select your inventory option. Next click auto-populate images and sort by product name. To leave the product images in the same format as your assortment, leave that drop down blank and click continue.

  • You will then pick the settings for your fonts and product displays on the left-hand side of the page if you did not do this on the first page.  Choose the font size that fits the image format and the product details that fit the cell size best.

  • You are ready to share your catalog. Click the Share icon at the top of the page. 

  • Fill in the email details and click Next.

  • From there, review your email and click the send icon when ready.

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