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Products Sheet Upload Details

Please find details of each column below and whether or not it is required.

Product Number- Required- This is the style or product number (Ex. MB0101)

Product Name- Required- This is the name of the product (Ex. One and Only Shorts)

Long DescriptionNot Required- This is the marketing description of the product.  (Ex. 100% cotton, Ultra Stretch fabric, made in the USA).  This is shown in he product pop up.

SeasonCode- Not required- Only relevant if you want to sort by season.

DivisionCode- Required on ALL sheets-This should be a 2 character code that is used through the sheets.  In the case of multiple division you may have more than one (this is not very common- please reach out to if you have more than one division).  This could be anything if you do not use a division code internally (example: RS for RepSpark).

ColorCode- Required- This is the code for the color of the different SKU's.  The same product can have multiple color codes.  The same color code can exist on multiple different products (Ex. BLK= Black and there is a black polo, a back pair of shorts, etc.).  The color description- Black (vs BLK) will be noted in the Options file.

GenderCode-Not Required and Most Likely not Needed- Only necessary of the same product number and color code exists with different sizes depending on the  gender.

CategoryCode-Not Required- Highly Recommended- The category code of the product.  The category description- POLO (vs Mens Polos) will be noted in the Options file.  This field can be used for sorting and filtering product as well as categorizing products when creating the Digital Catalog.

RetailPrice- Not Required- This would be the retail price displayed for ALL users.  If not added to the sheet, retail price will not be displayed throughout the site.

Discounted Price- Not Required- This is a second price that can be displayed to note the price has been discounted.  This allows you to post discounts at will.

SizeScaleCodeRequired- This is the size scale the product is available in.  This will match up with the individual sizes for each size scale in the Sizings sheet.

WholesalePrice- Not Required- Highly Recommended- This si the wholesale price displayed throughout the site.  Any set discount per customer or discounted price on the products sheet will be from the wholesale price.

Enabled-Required- This will be either TRUE or FALSE.  Any line with TRUE will be displayed on the site.  Any line with FASLE will be hidden.  This allows data to remain in the sheet but be hidden if customers are not active, etc.

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