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Showroom Videos: How to use Google Drive videos on Safari Browser.

Steps to follow if you are facing any issues with Showroom videos:

1. The Google Drive videos which you want to add to showroom, should be shared with everyone. Select the option Anyone with the link can view.

2. Here are some sample videos. Please note the url format.

3. Select the video source as google drive & add the video URL. It will be added in the tray at the bottom. You can play it to check if the video is added properly. 

4. There is a know issue on Safari Browser regarding Google Drive videos.

When we try to play videos uploaded on Google Drive, Safari will not play these back. The video player shows up but just spins and spins without ever loading the video.

To fix this:

Go to Safari/Preferences/Privacy and uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking (As shown below). Quit/reopen Safari and test. 

5. For Google Drive videos, you might need to click on play button twice. 

6. You can either watch the video on same page or click on pop out button at top right corner, to watch it in separate tap. Also, there is option to watch in Full Screen mode. 

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