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Setting Up Users in RepSpark when Requesting Access

When a new user requests access to RepSpark via Community, you can approve and finish the creation in RepSpark and then push the data into Shopify with the appropriate tags. 

When a user requests access to RepSpark from Community, the user can be found in the unapproved section of the manage users tab.

From there, you can click on the open icon to start to add the proper roles AND profiles for the user.

Once you expand the user profile, to add data directly into RepSpark, click on the link highlighted below.

From here, you can add all the data necessary to create a proper profile.

Please note: To become a buyer who is able to order on RepSpark, each user needs to have a customer code and associated salesperson.  Otherwise, you can set them up as a guest to just view catalogs and assortments.

Once complete, you can sync the customer to Shopify.  This will crate a new customer in Shopify with tags for customer code, salesperson code, shipping and terms. 

If there is no customer code entered, the customer will inherit the code automatically given in Shopify when the customer is synced back into RepSpark.  Customer name, Company, address ad phone will be auto added from the user requesting access.

Before this user can order:

1) You need to click on Sync approved buyers to sync this customer to shopify.  

2. Then, the customer with the associated Shopify internal ID code will need to sync back from shopify 

Please note, the auto sync back from Shopify to RepSpark happens every 30 minutes or can be manually run by manually syncing the customers from teh admin panel, connect data section.

Both syncing from RepSpark to Shopify and back from Shopify need to happen before the customer can place an order.  

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