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Availability Report

Step 1

 From the products page under the list view, use your filters to pinpoint the products you would like to include in your ATS report. Next, click the boxes in the filters section on the left and click apply.

**If you only want to show products with immediate availability, click the "Only Available Now" filter, (located in the Misc Filters), before you click apply.

Step 2

When exporting the ATS, the report will only capture the products on the current page. To include all of the products selected in your filters, select ALL under the Page Size drop down menu.

*Please note-If you have not made any selections in your filter to narrow down by season, catalog, gender, etc. showing multiple years' worth of entire catalogs could take a while.

Step 3

Export to excel with images or export the report as a PDF.

Exporting to Excel: Click the box "include images" if you would like the ATS with images. Then click the excel icon to export it to an excel sheet.

Exporting to a PDF: Click the PDF icon in the upper right-hand corner.

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