Getting Started in CCH

First, click on the CCH tab on the navigation bar of the site.

Setting Up Your Users

Next, you will need to set up each user.  A user cannot access CCH until a role is assigned.  Each user will need to have one of the following roles:

Admin: Will be able to set up user roles, view all users and view admin tab (setting industries, etc.)

Sales Manager: Will be able to view all rep user information

Customer Service:  Will be able to view all rep user information

Sales Rep: Locked to their accounts, tasks and campaigns only.

To set a role for a user, click on the user icon.

From there, the option for each role will be displayed.  Select the role for the particular user.  ***Please note: You will need to set up at least one user with role manager first. 

Then, each user with role= sales rep will need to be associated with a sales manager. This sets the permissions for what manager user can access what sales rep data.

Click save. Once the user is set up with a role within CCH, they can begin accessing their data. The user must exist as a RepSpark user in order to access the CCH module.