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Setting Up New Users in RepSpark

A couple over arching things to keep in mind.

1. These are  brand new customers that do NOT already exist in your Shopify at all

2. In order for a customer user to be able to interact and transact on RepSpark they need to be a customer in your Shopify system first, and then have a properly configured RepSpark user profile and roles.

These steps show how to Add a customer into Shopify and then back into RepSpark, and then finally "approving" their access.

1. Go to the Admin Panel and the Manage Users section

2. Inside the Manage Users section, click on the "unapproved" tab.

3. Click on the little blue Arrows icon next to an entry to open the pop up to edit their record.


4. Inside the Record Pop Up box

-- There are 4 Main steps here.  

  • a. Set up Roles 
  • b. Push the Customer info into Shopify and Sync the data back from Shopify with the new customer acct number
  • c. Set up the Profile section
  • d. Approve the user

a) Set up the ROLES first.

-- remove "Guest" role

-- Add "Customer" and "OrderEntry"

-- Press the black button for Update Roles


b) Add the new user to Shopify

-- click  the blue link "New Customer? Add To Shopify"

-- The data will pre-populate for name, address, company, and phone

-- Customer code will be blank because they are new.  You can leave this blank, and shopify will auto-assign this account an ID when the new account is created.

-- NOTE: if the customer has an incomplete record in their new user request (missing address or phone number for example), then this process will not work and you'll be presented with an error message.

-- You need to manually select the following 3 fields:

------ Salesperson Code

------ Shipping

------ Terms

-- Press the "Sync Approved..." button and wait for the sync to complete.



c) Build the User Profile

-- Now that we have pushed this user's info into Shopify AND imported that new customer account ID back from Shopify we can connect the Profile data.

-- Click on "Add new profile"

-- then Click on Customer Code selector link

-- In the Profile Pop up, you can search for the customer's name

-- In this case we can search by 'Nancy' or the company name 'Robert Trent Jones'

-- Next click on the correct customer from the results list.

-- It will auto populate the Profile card below with the Customer Number, store number, and Sales rep code.


-- After the Profile is added, be sure to press the SAVE icon.


d) Approve the user

-- Review the sections one final time to make sure

  • Roles are Set to Customer and Order Entry, and that the Guest role is not active
  • Profile contains a Customer code, store code, and rep code and is saved

-- Lastly, change the status from Pending to Approved

-- The user will get a notification of approval at the email they signed up with.

-- That email will contain a link for them to login directly to your site.

-- These approved users will now show up in your "Members" tab rather than the "unapproved" tab.  


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