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Accelerate-Insignia Setup in RepSpark Panel

Insignia Setup

When you add Insignia to your site, you will be able to Enable and Configure your setup in the Admin Panel. This is an additional module that needs to be added.  If it is not added, the choices below will be greyed out.  You will see Insignia Setup on the left hand side which is where you will be able to select the settings for this feature on your site.

You will be able to do the following:

    - select which Role(s) are allowed to provide insignia notes when adding emblems

    - select which Role(s) are allowed to upload image files

    - designate email address(es) to receive insignia submission notification emails. This is helpful for your embroidery team to be aware of upcoming insignia orders.

    - have the ability to change the Insignia Price per unit without updating Shopify's price.

If you have any questions about Insignia, contact Professional Services as 

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