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New Brands, Trending Brands and Recommended Brands

Within the Community, there are 3 sections to make sure buyers are seeing your brand when they log in.  Where your brand is displaying on the Community page can be found at the bottom of the Community page 

About New Brands

New Brands are visible to all B2B RepSpark Members and are first to be shown upon login for any New Brand that has joined the Community in the last 30 days. New Brands receive top placement and will auto-rotate every 15 seconds to maximize exposure to different RepSpark Community Buyers, ensuring quality impressions and brand views. New brands are included in the monthly B2B newsletter.

About Trending Brands

Trending Brands are selected based on recent B2B login volume through a Brands custom URL or through RepSpark Community. Trending brands refresh every day and will showcase the top brands accessed by B2B buyers in the last 30 days.

About Recommended Brands

A brand will show in a B2B buyer's recommended section when there is a match between the vertical, gender, category (ies) and sub category (ies) a buyer lists when creating their account and the selections the brand makes in the Community admin panel for each.  

**Note: to be part of recommended brands, you will need to ensure the Community Brand Profile section has vertical, gender, category and subcategory tagged with one or multiple selections.


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