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Inventories Sheet Upload Details

There will need to be an entry for each style/product number, color code and size (each SKU).  There will need to be a line per date for each as well.  RepSpark will deduct inventory in between each sheet upload.  This means if you upload 100 units in size Small for style # 12345 color code BLK and one user places an order for 10 units and another user places an order for 20 units, the next user will see 70 units of that style-color-size available (100-20-10= 70) until the next upload of the sheet.  

Please find details of each column below and whether or not it is required.

ProductNumber- Required- This is the style or product number (Ex. MB0101).  Should match the product numbers on the product sheet.

ColorCode- Required- This is the code for the color of the different SKU's.  The same product can have multiple color codes.  The same color code can exist on multiple different products (Ex. BLK= Black and there is a black polo, a back pair of shorts, etc.).  Should match the color codes for each color option of the product on the product sheet.

GenderCode- -Not Required and Most Likely not Needed- Only necessary of the same product number and color code exists with different sizes depending on the  gender.

SizeCodeRequired- This is the size code for each of the sizes for a particular product.  There will need to be a line for each size.

AvailableQuantity- Required- This is how many units are available for each date entered.  There can be multiple lines of availability as long as each has a different date.  Each line will be displayed with the number of units per size.

AvailableDate- Required- This is each date there is new quantity available.  Any date of today or before today will roll into the Immediate line of availability in the display.  All future lines will be stacked beneath the immediate date.  If there is nothing available immediately, and only future product, then there will be zero's on the available line and quantity on the future lines.  This is per size.


Seasoncode- Not Required- This only is necessary if you have different product per season with different availability.  ONLY use if you have set season specific product on the Products File and Options File.

DivisionCode- Required on ALL sheets-This should be a 2 character code that is used through the sheets.  In the case of multiple division you may have more than one (this is not very common- please reach out to if you have more than one division).  This could be anything if you do not use a division code internally (example: RS for RepSpark).

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