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Hiding the Pricing for Guest Users in the Catalogs/Assortments

Sometimes you may want to create catalogs and/or assortments for Guest users where you want to hide certain pricing both within the actual catalog or assortment but also in the product pop up.  Here's how you can do that.

In the Catalog

In the catalog builder, if you choose to hide retail or wholesale price, this pricing will also be hidden in the product pop-up as a guest is browsing the catalog.  This is a great way to share assets with potential leads without giving away your secrets!

In the product display options in the left of the catalog editor, simply uncheck retail and wholesale pricing.  This will hide the pricing in the product pop up for that catalog as well.

In An Assortment

In the assortment header, the admin/creator of the assortment will see the action labeled Display Options.

Clicking on this action will bring up a menu to show or hide retail and wholesale price for each role.  

This will hide the pricing on the assortment view as well as in the product pop-up.  This way you can share the assortment with different user types while hiding certain information on the viewing page as well as the product pop-up..

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