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How do I establish an API integration with GolfGenius Tournament Management?

Our integration with GolfGenius Tournament Management allows you to pull near real-time GolfGenius event rosters into RepSpark. RepSpark Event orders will then validate against the roster at the time of order placement to guarantee only valid registrants can place product orders. Orders are checked first for a valid email address, as listed on the GolfGenius roster. If the purchaser's email does not exist in GolfGenius, orders are then checked for valid first name and last name. If none of these criteria are met a message displays telling the purchaser that he or she is not able to place an order for the given event. 

Establishing the API connection

First you'll need to acquire a GolfGenius API Key from your partner club. If your partner club does not already have an API key, request that they reach out to the Golf Genius Support Team to apply for one. 

Once you have been provided a valid GolfGenius API key, enter it in the RepSpark Admin Panel under Admin > Admin Panel > Configure Site > Event Setup. Click Save. A valid API key saved here will provide you direct access to event roster information for all events from this club. You only need to enter a valid API key once. 

Next, click Events from the top navigation. Select an existing event or create a new Event. In the Event Info & Product Info menu, locate the Golf Genius Tournament Event ID box in the bottom middle of the page. This is where you will establish a connection for a specific GolfGenius event. 

Enter your GolfGenius Tournament Event ID in the box. An Event ID will be the string of numbers found in the GolfGenius Event URL (ex:[EVENT-ID]). Copy only the string of numbers from the Golf Genius URL and paste them in the Event Setup. The Golf Genius Tournament Management integration for this RepSpark Event is now complete. 

Players added to a GolfGenius roster will be pulled in cyclically by the RepSpark Events application. Please allow up to 60 minutes before newly added players place an order from an RepSpark Event site. Note that the GolfGenius Event roster is not currently visible in the RepSpark Events UI. 

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