Please see Image Guidelines Attached below for naming convention.

Site Logo Image Specs

  1. Require transparent background Images
  2. Size- Maximum height: 100px Maximum width: 350px
  3. File format- PNG works best-JPG also accepted

Wish List Covers

  1. Suggested Size- 174px by 232px

Background Images

  1. Suggested Size-1920X1080

Site Images

  1. Require transparent background images. 
  2. Document Size- 10X10in Max Size- 10MB
  3. Resolution: 300
  4. Color Mode: RGB
  5. For product image - 400x400 pixels

Thank you Modal 

    1. Suggested Size-1920X1080

Catalog - Feature Page and Cover Page

    1. Ideal image size for feature page and cover page is 2480 x 3508 pixels. 

    2. Ideal image size for Not-Full Cover page is 816x338 or in same ration (Option 3)