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Invoice Payments - How to Pay an Invoice

We've made it easy and secure for you to pay your invoices directly through our platform. This guide will walk you through how to pay one or many invoices on RepSpark. 

Before You Begin

You may have received an email notification from your brand that you have an invoice available to pay, or you may have received an email notification inviting you to create an account. You’ll need to create an account in order to access all your invoices. 

Step 1 - Login to Your Account

If you have an existing RepSpark login, log in as normal. If you are new to RepSpark, an admin needs to invite you as a user, after which you’ll receive an email notification to create your account. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Invoices page. 

Step 2 - Navigate to the Invoices Page

Navigate to the Invoices Page by clicking “Order Status/Invoices.” Then, in the filters on the left hand side, choose the “Invoices” filter. 



On that page you’ll be able to see your invoices associated with your user account. If you’re expecting to see an invoice here but don’t, it may not be associated with the right sales rep code and customer code. You might need to reach out to a brand admin to update your user profile. 

Step 3 - Pay for an invoice

Pay for a single invoice

Once you’ve located the invoice, you can click into the invoice to see the line items and invoice details. Make sure everything is correct, then click “Pay” in the top right corner. 

Pay for more than one invoice

If you’d like to pay for more than one invoice at a time, then while you’re in the Invoices page, you can click the checkbox next to each invoice that you’d like to pay. 

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Step 4 - Check out

You’ll be navigated to the checkout page with a payment form where you can type in your payment details. Submit the payment and that’s it! The invoice will be updated as paid.


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