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Tips and Tricks for Using the Docs Section to it's Fullest Potential

Benefits to Adding Documents

With RepSpark users averaging 25,000 site views per month, use the platform as a one-stop-shop for your reps to get everything that they need and to keep them updated with the latest information.

1. Streamline efficiency for your organization by having all relevant documentation at the rep's fingertips. 

2. Reduce the time spent calling and emailing inside sales to answers questions or track down information.

3. Keep clear communication with the reps on the latest information without having to schedule a conference call.

Managing Documents

Adding a New Document

 1. First, Click on the plus icon to Create a New Document.  

2. Fill out the Title, Description, a Start Date and Expiration Date if desired.  

3. Click Save. 

 Editing and Deleting a Document

  1. Click on the Actions Icon. 

  2. Select Edit to edit the existing document or select Delete to delete the document. 

What Type of Documents to Add

Credit Application- Have this easily accessible when on the road and or Trade Shows. 

New Account Application-Make it easy to open up new accounts by having this document handy.

Promo Forms- Keep these in the Docs tab to ease the calls to customer service.

Special promos- Great to add CADS with tech descriptions of each product for the rep's to send out to accounts.

Order Forms- Have an order form easy to access here.

Suggested Orders- Drop a suggested order here to help the reps pinpoint top products.

Sales Programs and Discount Incentives- Keep the reps a breadth of the latest sales programs. 

Embroidery Instructions- Have a quick reference here for the reps on how the embroidery process works. 

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