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December 2020-Software Update

We know you have big goals for 2021, and we are proud to partner with you as you grow. In a world with many unknowns, one thing will always remain the same - providing an excellent customer experience. 

To better serve your customers and make it easy for buyers to do business with you, we are pleased to announce several updates that will enhance the usability and accessibility of Digital Catalogs. 

Sharing Is Now Easier

  • Don’t hide your products from potential buyers. Now you can share your Digital Catalogs with anyone, regardless if they have a RepSpark membership or not- making it easy to attract buyers for any Virtual Trade Show event.

Digital Catalogs Can Be Public

  • Hook in all the buyers with Digital Catalogs that can be easily accessed. You can create a specific Digital Catalog that can be shared using an embed code feature or a link. This new feature allows buyers to share with their internal teams or potential buyers to engage with your line. 

Embed All Your Assets 

  • Do you want to put all your assets front and center on your Branded Home Page? Now you can start with a simple embed code. An embed code makes it easy for sharing product assortment, catalogs, or showcasing your brand’s assets on any trade show booth. Click here for a video to see how you can make it happen


Capitalize on Assortments

  • Allow buyers to turn their wish lists into an assortment. With this new feature, buyers can place a direct order, export lists into an Excel spreadsheet for offline ordering, and shared with their team for feedback. For easy access to information, you can view product details with a simple click of the image. 

New Default Settings

First impressions are everything, and we want to make sure your unique assets are displayed beautifully the first time. Starting today:

  • Settings will default to public sharing and full screen to eliminate distractions. 

  • If users want to share, download, or edit full page mode, they can easily adjust in the side action panel. 

  • Just like your website, when you click the Home button, it will take users to your Branded Home Page, where you can access all assets.

Keeping the Platform Intuitive

  • Being able to operate a system efficiently is key to a frictionless shopping experience. We have now updated our Favorites feature to be more intuitive for the shopper as they browse your product assortments.  
  • Along the same line, products are also now Searchable when looking through Customer Orders. 

Copy and Paste

  • Do your buyers want a repeat or altering of a current assortment? Give them what they want with a new feature to mass copy and paste the same product in a shopping cart.  Please note, this feature will not copy the size scales. 

  • If you have any questions about these new updates and how you can take advantage of all RepSpark has to offer, reach out to our Customer Success team today.

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