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Exporting My Orders

All Orders are exported as excel spreadsheets from the site.  Follow the steps below to export your orders:

1.  Go to the Admin Dashboard- Select Connect Data.

2.  Next click Export Orders to Excel (shown above)

3.  Once in the Export Orders section, click the Export button.

4.  This will export all orders that are in Submitted status (have not been exported yet (submitted Status) but are ready to be exported (not in Draft).  No Draft orders will be submitted.

5.  Each export file will be listed in the File Section.  The export will contain all orders in Submitted Status (ready to be exported).  Each export will be listed with a date and time.  You can export multiple times per day or just once each evening.  It is completely up to you.

6.  You can leave the list to be able to return to each download set or you can delete them out as each order set is downloaded.

7.  Orders are exported as two sheets containing all orders ready to be exported that have not been since the last export.  The first sheet will be the order header information (order number, customer info, totals).

The second sheet contains all of the line level details for each order.  The first column has the order number each line belongs to.

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