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Enabling Credit Card Payments for Customer Accounts

Accelerate now supports the ability to add the Credit Card payment type to the checkout process.  The ability to use the credit card payment method will be set at the customer account level, on each individual customer record.

There are 3 values associated with an account for enabling Credit Cards

  • Hidden = This account is not eligible for credit cards.  Orders can only be submitted using Terms.
  • Optional = This account is eligible for credit cards AND this account is eligible for payment on Terms. The user can choose at the time of checkout
  • Required = This account must pay by credit card as the ONLY payment option. Orders cannot be submitted on Terms

If using Shopify, you will need to Add a Tag to each B2B Customer Account.

  • RepSparkCC:Hidden
  • RepSparkCC:Optional
  • RepSparkCC:Required

If you are the using Excel Data Import method, you will use the Column for "PaymentVisibility"

Every row of data in your sheet needs to have one of the 3 values.  Hidden, Optional, or Required

On the Front End your website, the available payment option(s) for each customer account will be visible based on these settings.

NOTE:  In order for Credit Card Payments to work properly on your RepSpark site, you must have an active account with one of our supported payment partners, and your API credentials must be properly configured in the Admin Dashboard.

-- Credit Cards are NOT captured or charged at the time of checkout. 
-- In RepSpark, only Authorizations are obtained at the time of order submission.  
-- The Stripe account owner must process that authorization through the Stripe dashboard.  
-- Authorizations are only valid for 7 days from the initial time of order placement.


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